Orthodontic care

Orthodontics is a specialist area of dentistry aimed at restoring the alignment of teeth for healthy oral function. Individuals may be familiar with conditions such as crooked and misaligned teeth, overbites, underbites and crossbites, jaw disorders and gapped teeth, all of which can be remedied through appropriate teeth straightening and orthodontic care.

How can we help?

This site is an informational portal aimed at providing young and older patients with details on various aspects of the orthodontic treatment experience. This is to ensure your decision to undergo teeth straightening is an informed and positive one. On our site you can access information regarding the following aspects of orthodontics:

Visitors can also learn about how to access orthodontic care, what is involved in an orthodontic referral, the benefits and potential risks of orthodontic treatment, NHS and Private orthodontic care, and patient suitability for teeth straightening treatment.

This guide is all-inclusive for the benefit of all children, young people, adults and older people who may be considering the option of orthodontic care.

Modern dentistry

Modern dentistry allows for people of all ages to achieve the straight teeth they desire, with many orthodontic systems making use of advanced technology and techniques to offer discreet, comfortable and effective solutions.

With advanced techniques and systems has come a wave of new and innovative brace systems. Each one offers its own unique attributes that can benefit patients in different ways, and it is clinical analysis and discussion between dentist and patient that will decide the perfect brace system for your orthodontic problem. Modern brace solutions include:

This site is designed to provide visitors with information to better discuss orthodontic needs with their clinician, and to better understand the different treatment options available. It should be noted, however, that this site is not a replacement for the professional diagnosis and advice of a qualified dental practitioner.